JRNVisuals has the technology and knowledge to reach even the most inhospitable, dangerous, and inaccessible locations. Our specialized aerial survey methods enable us to effectively analyse a location that is thought inaccessible by foot or vehicle, giving you a thorough picture of the situation. Our aerial surveys enable access to tough places that you require information on, whether we deploy a helicopter or cutting-edge drone technology. We have the capabilities to conduct aerial surveys that collect high-resolution imagery and detailed survey data as we have a team of experienced drone pilots who cover multiple areas.

We Provide Aerial Capabilities For

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Development & Monitoring

Observing a project’s progress as it moves

through each phase to maximise site

efficiency and stakeholder management.

Planning &

The work involved designing or building a

site, and the surveying required on the piece

of land or existing buildings in question.

Maintenance &

Providing an ongoing preventative or
corrective inspection to plant and
buildings, in order to monitor and enhance
their operational lifespans.

Our team of skilled drone pilots are always looking for new and innovative methods to carry out their work, and we are now able to offer the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for surveying and inspection. The ability to ‘see’ a structure up close without the requirement for human entry is the main advantage of deploying a drone for inspection. This improves both the safety and the speed with which the work can be done.

With a quick turnaround time, we can deliver accurate and relevant datasets. Drone surveys are very effective for large-scale sites with a lot of elements to look for and a lot of information to collect.

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