Aerial Filming & Photography

We are licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and are specialists in aerial filming & photography using remote controlled, multi-rotor UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Your Production To The Next Level

JRNVisuals specialises in aerial filming and photography in the UK and Europe. We work with some of the world’s best known brands and platforms to create breath-taking content that intrigues audiences. Our mission is to safely deliver the highest quality drone services using state of the art technology as well as creating inspiring aerial imagery in all environments.

Our pilots aren’t simply drone operators; they’re also award-winning filmmakers and photographers who’ve worked on commercials, television, and online content across a wide range of industries.

Licensed & Authorised

We are licensed by the CAA, the UK’s national aviation authority. Our understanding of aviation theory, practical application and the safety procedures we have in place are deemed to be of a high professional standard resulting in permission granted to fly drones for commercial work in the UK (A2CofC, GVC & OA).

In Depth Planning

We plan flights taking into account the site, surrounding areas including airports, no fly zones (NFZs), weather and many other factors to fly at the highest standard of safety. We provide you with a detailed risk analysis to ensure that every safety aspect is covered.

Professional & Insured

We carry a £1 million public liability insurance cover to ensure that we are covered for any eventuality. This can be upgraded to £10 million upon clients request. We pride ourselves on being dependable and producing quality material. We have countless hours experience flying UAVs and fly the industry’s leading aircraft that have the ability to capture any situation, no matter how intense.

Featured Work

Commonwealth Games Baton Relay


Severn Valley Railway (TV Advert)

Filming & Photo

Ultra Horizon

Filming, 360 & Photo

Hartlebury Trading Estate


Corinthian Park

Filming & Photo



Weekender Jersey


Premier Inn

Filming & Photo

Our Specialties

Filming & Flying

Over 5 years flying experience, we fly the industry’s leading aircraft including the DJI Inspire 1&2, DJI Mavic series, DJI Mini series and are able to rent aircraft to suit the production requirements.

Night Flying

We are CAA approved to fly at night and are able to capture any situation no matter how intense.

Extreme Action

We enjoy flying low and fast and have operated in some of the world’s most hostile environments.

Last Minute?

Don’t worry! All of our drones are equipped with our camera systems and are ready to fly at any time.

360 Photo

We offer a 360 photo service which allows your customers to get an overview of your site, bringing it to life using virtual reality.


We provide high quality aerial photography and deliver breath taking results.

Using 360 To Create An Immersive Experience

360 aerial images provide a unique and bird's-eye view of landscapes, infrastructure, and environments. This elevated perspective allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the area, enabling better decision-making and planning.
We create high quality 360 aerial photographs and carefully stich these together to create a compelling aerial tour.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What weather conditions are JRNVisuals drones able to fly and photograph in?

Our drones can fly in a variety of weather conditions, though ideally you want light winds and a sunny day. However, our most durable drone can fly in 35 mph winds and light drizzle. While this is obviously not the best weather for filming or taking pictures, we have to make do when there are no other options. The quality of the images is impacted by both the poor lighting on cloudy days and the moisture in the air on wet or misty days.

Can JRNVisuals fly near airports or in other restricted locations?

Yes, JRNVisuals are able to liaise with local air traffic control (ATC) to organise permission to operate close to airports.

Can JRNVisuals fly in built up areas?

Yes, as long as we abide by the CAA’s laws and regulations and the risk assessment finds it to be safe to operate. If we are working in a confined space, such as a TV or movie set, and everyone we are working with has been briefed on the flying procedures, we are allowed to fly closer as long as the pilot is certain that it is safe to do so.

Can JRNVisuals fly outside of the UK?

Yes we do.  However unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying rules and regulations vary from country to country.  Please ring us to discuss you requirements.

Can JRNVisuals fly at night?

Yes, we have a night rating from the CAA and all our pilots are trained to fly at night.  We are skilled in setting up the cameras to film at night.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes, but we need room to fly inside. We have conducted indoor flights in warehouses and studios, and for further safety, we can install propeller guards.

Because our drones use electric motors and batteries, there is no need to be concerned about environmental pollution. Flying inside has a distinct dynamic. The building’s design and materials can impact how the UAV flies.

Flying indoors is usually trouble-free, but safety is always our top concern. The only way to know for sure is to conduct a brief flight test.

What if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

We closely monitor the weather and if we believe the weather is likely to be bad at least 24 hours in advance, we will move the shoot to the next suitable day. Provided we are able to reschedule this will be at no additional cost. Where we cannot reschedule due to factors outside our control (i.e. client availability, live events) we cannot refund the initial payment.