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JRNVisuals specialises in time-lapse services for short or longer term projects in the UK and Europe. We have developed cutting-edge time-lapse camera systems, offering practical solutions for efficient project management, effective stakeholder communication, and compelling marketing content. Our technology captures every stage of your construction project, documenting the progress with precision and creativity.

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What We Offer

Weekly Timelapse Videos

Perfect for keeping stakeholders informed and captivated, we offer a captivating weekly time-lapse video service that showcases the progress made on site throughout the week.

Monthly Timelapse Video

A stunning edited video will be presented, showcasing the remarkable progress of the sites throughout the month. This captivating visual representation is perfect for informing stakeholders and capturing mesmerizing aerial shots that cannot be captured from ground level.

Monthly 360 Aerials

We offer an immersive 360-degree experience of your site, allowing you to embark on a virtual journey from different aerial locations. This unique feature allows for a detailed exploration, enabling you to zoom in and monitor the progress of ongoing constructions.

Monthly Aerial Photography

During our monthly progress drone flights, we allow the opportunity for you to request aerial photography of any key area of interest. Simply let us know what you need capturing from the air and we’ll include this in the monthly updates.

Final Completion Video

This will be a fully edited video including time-lapse footage and drone video. We are able to include your company branding, organise a voice over, apply key figures and statistics/text and music to the video. This is available in various formats suitable for websites or for TV broadcast.

Documentary Video

An optional extra, we will conduct interviews and film piece to cameras with those involved in the construction, incorporating time lapses, videos of the finished development and drone footage into a captivating documentary case study video.

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Benefits of using Timelapses

Project Progress Monitoring

Time-lapse allows stakeholders to visually track the progress of construction over time. It provides a comprehensive overview of the entire project, highlighting significant milestones and phases of development.

Marketing and Promotion

Time-lapse videos showcase the evolution of a construction project in a visually compelling manner. They can be utilized for marketing and promotional purposes, attracting potential clients, investors, or tenants by demonstrating the capabilities and quality of the construction company.

Training and Education

Time-lapse videos can be valuable educational resources for construction industry professionals, showcasing various construction techniques, equipment usage, and project management strategies.

Documentation and Reporting

Time-lapse footage serves as a detailed record of the construction process. It can be used for documentation purposes, aiding in project reports, presentations, and future reference.

Project Management

Time-lapse enables project managers to identify potential delays or issues early on by comparing the actual progress with the planned schedule. This helps in making informed decisions and adjustments to keep the project on track.

Historical Documentation

Time-lapse footage preserves the history of a construction project, capturing its transformation from start to finish. This historical documentation can be valuable for future reference, research, and archival purposes.

Using 360 To Create An Immersive Experience

360 aerial images provide a unique and bird's-eye view of landscapes, infrastructure, and environments. This elevated perspective allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the area, enabling better decision-making and planning.
We create high quality 360 aerial photographs and carefully stich these together to create a compelling aerial tour.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is time-lapse photography?

Time-lapse photography is a technique where a series of photos are taken at set intervals over a period of time and then played back at a faster speed, creating a compressed view of time.

Can JRNVisuals fly drones near airports or in other restricted locations?

Yes, JRNVisuals are able to liaise with local air traffic control (ATC) to organise permission to operate close to airports.

Can JRNVisuals fly in built up areas?

Yes, as long as we abide by the CAA’s laws and regulations and the risk assessment finds it to be safe to operate. If we are working in a confined space, such as a TV or movie set, and everyone we are working with has been briefed on the flying procedures, we are allowed to fly closer as long as the pilot is certain that it is safe to do so.

Do you install & calibrate the timelapse cameras?

Yes, we calibrate the equipment prior to the on-site installation. We do have some requirements that we expect from our clients but this will be shown in our proposal.

Is there a minimum or maximum time the cameras can document a project?

No, the cameras can be on a project for 2 weeks, or up to 5 years, there is no specified duration that the project has to run for.

Can your camera system be used outside?

Yes, our timelapse system is designed to withstand all weathers and our cameras are IP rated.

Does JRNVisuals provide editing services?

We provide a wide range of editing services, in house. Whether you require short form, snappy content for social media or longer time lapses for project management, we edit your videos to your requirements.

I have more questions / my question hasn't been answered?

We never wanted to leave you in the dark. Simply contact us and we will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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