Deep Traffic Video Analysis

Working in partnership with Data From Sky, JRNVisuals provides aerial video for traffic video analysis.

Innovation through AI, providing unique insight

We have the unique capability of providing some real insight into how vehicles and people move and interact in and through outdoor settings since for our partnership with DataFromSky.

JRNVisuals can capture aerial and ground-based video footage of your spaces without disturbing your daily operations, and use DataFromSky’ AI to analyse it quickly and accurately.

Once the dataset has been extracted from your video footage, it can be used to provide quantitative evidence of how your visitors and their vehicles use your locations, with the results of the analysis being displayed using video.

We provide traffic surveys using

Vehicle Flows

Keep a close eye on the present level of traffic and look for any potential obstructions or congestion. Optimize the driving experience while lowering overall pollution levels in the city by optimising traffic management systems.

Traffic Surveys

Incorporate the most precise real-world calibration data into your simulation models. The next major traffic intersection layout should be based on reliable evidence. Count vehicles, observe driver behaviour, and identify any potential concerns as soon as possible.

Traffic Counting

In the camera view, get detailed traffic information such as road user counts, categories, speed, direction, and much more. We can set virtual gates and detection zones and obtain detailed information about each object’s trajectory and movement.

High Quality Referenceable Data

Our team of skilled drone pilots are always looking for new and innovative methods to carry out their work, and we are now able to offer the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for surveying and inspection. The ability to ‘see’ a structure up close without the requirement for human entry is the main advantage of deploying a drone for inspection. This improves both the safety and the speed with which the work can be done.

With a quick turnaround time, we can deliver accurate and relevant datasets. Drone surveys are very effective for large-scale sites with a lot of elements to look for and a lot of information to collect.

Why Choose Us


Every project depends on time, so we always strive to maintain our turnaround times as short as possible. To keep your project rolling, we also provide a “Next Day” service and 24-hour survey downloads.


We are able to work on projects of any size across the UK from our location in the Midlands. Therefore, we can reach you wherever you are!

Peace of Mind

We carry suitable levels Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. Our fully trained team of drone pilots are also DBS/CRB checked.

One Traffic Framework

About DataFromSky

DataFromSky is a computer vision company with solutions for analysing both recorded and real-time video for extracting a variety of data outputs. With our many solutions we cater mostly to traffic video analysis but we are also able to provide valuable information for parking, retail and even security use cases. With our focus on swift development we keep improving our solutions.

Our newest one, the real-time video analysis framework FLOW, can be used for adaptive traffic control, gathering of traffic statistics, detection traffic violation and general traffic and parking monitoring – all at the same time. It utilizes trajectory-based design from our TrafficSurvey – a tried and tested solution for traffic surveying and research that is used by professionals from all over the world to get advanced traffic insights including speed, acceleration, bounding boxes and range of road safety data.

Years of experience working with national and international brands

We have had the privilege of working with a considerable number of businesses and organisations, which has given us invaluable experience, opportunities, and insight. These things have contributed to our ongoing professionalism, which sets us apart from countless contractors locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Our aim is simple, to capture creative content beyond what our competitors can offer, while delivering the highest level of service. We have spared no expense investing in the latest equipment producing unrivalled results.

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