JRNVisuals specialises in aerial filming and photography in the UK and Europe. We work with some of the world’s best known brands and platforms to create breath-taking content that intrigues audiences.


Our pilots aren’t simply drone operators; they’re also award-winning filmmakers and photographers who’ve worked on commercials, television, and online content across a wide range of industries.


What We Do

It’s a piece of cake! We provide an amazing, professional service with a personal, creative touch.

Filming & Flying

Over 5 years flying experience, we fly the industry’s leading aircraft including the DJI Inspire 1&2, DJI Mavic series, DJI Mini series and are able to rent aircraft to suit the production requirements.

Night Flying

We are CAA approved to fly at night and are able to capture any situation no matter how intense.

Extreme Action

We enjoy flying low and fast and have operated in some of the world’s most hostile environments.

Last Minute?

Don’t worry! All of our drones are equipped with our camera systems and are ready to fly at any time.


We offer a range of fixed-price all-inclusive drone packages for the UK and Europe to keep things simple.


We provide high quality aerial photography and deliver breath taking results. 


We carry a £1 million public liability insurance cover to ensure that we are covered for any eventuality. This can be upgraded to £10 million upon clients request.

Licensed & Authorised

We are licensed by the CAA, the UK's national aviation authority. Our understanding of aviation theory, practical application and the safety procedures we have in place are deemed to be of a high professional standard resulting in permission granted to fly drones for commercial work in the UK.

Professional Standard

We pride ourselves on being dependable and producing quality material. We have countless hours experience flying UAVs and fly the industry's leading aircraft that have the ability to capture any situation, no matter how intense.

In-Depth Planning

We plan flights taking into account the site, surrounding areas including airports, no fly zones (NFZs), weather and many other factors to fly at the highest standard of safety. We provide you with a detailed risk analysis to ensure that every safety aspect is covered.

“The smoothest, most straightforward way to get everything you ever imagined.”

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 09am – 05pm
Weekends: closed

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