Mersenne Investments

Creating eye catching aerial video & photography and ground photography to provide a unique perspective for Mersenne's advertising portfolio.



Mersenne is a privately owned property investor, with a particular specialism in funding pre-let development projects. They currently have the following requirements:

  • Roadside drive-thru, retail or showroom
  • Industrial Estates
  • Modern convenience stores and small supermarkets
  • Emerging & alternative sectors

Mersenne approached JRNVisuals as they required high quality photographic content, both ground and aerial, for their advertising portfolio. The locations chosen by the client included industrial units, road side drive throughs and multi-let development sites.


JRNVisuals’ mission is to always produce high quality deliverables that meet and exceed the clients expectations and this is achieved by working closely with the client, providing them with appropriate feedback, and furnishing them with the required regulatory documentation prior to commencing work.

Prior to working on site, our planning processes identified several challenges that may have impacted on the quality of work produced, as a consequence of the planning process mitigating actions were taken.

Challenges identified included the need for priority parking spaces to be closed, working in public spaces that had to remain open to the public, and the ever present British weather!

Some of the challenges identified required action on the day, for example ensuring areas were litter free prior to image capture, and some required spot fixing in the studio to remove unwanted street furniture and unavoidable signs of usage and everyday wear and tear.


Mersenne Investments – Commercial Real Estate Content Creation 


Mersenne Investments Ltd, Mersenne Properties Ltd

What We Did

Aerial Filming, Aerial Photography, UAV Flight Planning, Video Editing, Commercial Ground Photography


JRNVisuals worked closely with the client to ensure that time frames were adhered to, and schedules kept, both JRNVisuals’ schedule and more importantly, the client’s. The client specified the timetable for the shoot and JRNVisuals ensured that they were on-site and ready to shoot prior to the requested time. Before leaving site the client was shown all images captured and was given the opportunity to request and re-shoots they may have required, this is just one aspect of JRNVisuals’ on-going quality assurance programme.


The clients’ brief was to produce high quality image data for use in their advertising materials. JRNVisuals objective is to produce high quality work that exceeds clients expectations. JRNVisuals believe that their project planning and quality assurance programme help them to achieve client satisfaction, and are confident that they have met and exceeded the clients brief on this project, as can be seen in the photos below.