What UK geographical area do JRNVisuals cover?

From our Midlands base in Herefordshire, we are conveniently located for aerial drone photography, filming & inspections across the North, East South and West of England. Our rates are attractive enough for clients further afield across the rest of the United Kingdom to consider hiring JRNVisuals (particularly those located close by in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol, London, Carlisle and many more).

What weather conditions are JRNVisuals drones able to fly  and photograph in?

Our drones can fly in a variety of weather conditions, though ideally you want light winds and a sunny day. However, our most durable drone can fly in 35 mph winds and light drizzle. While this is obviously not the best weather for filming or taking pictures, we have to make do when there are no other options. The quality of the images is impacted by both the poor lighting on cloudy days and the moisture in the air on wet or misty days.

Can JRNVisuals fly near airports or in other restricted locations?

Yes, JRNVisuals are able to liaise with local air traffic control (ATC) to organise permission to operate close to airports.

How long do JRNVisuals drones fly for?

The length of a typical flight varies from 25 to 30 minutes depending on the payload, wind, and weather.

Are JRNVisuals DBS (CRB) checked?

Yes, our staff are fully DBS (Disclosure Baring Service) checked.

What if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

We closely monitor the weather and if we believe the weather is likely to be bad at least 24 hours in advance, we will move the shoot to the next suitable day. Provided we are able to reschedule this will be at no additional cost. Where we cannot reschedule due to factors outside our control (i.e. client availability, live events) we cannot refund the initial payment.

Can JRNVisuals fly in built up areas?

Yes, as long as we abide by the CAA’s laws and regulations and the risk assessment finds it to be safe to operate. If we are working in a confined space, such as a TV or movie set, and everyone we are working with has been briefed on the flying procedures, we are allowed to fly closer as long as the pilot is certain that it is safe to do so. Without prior authorization, we are unable to fly above or close to a crowd of 1001 or more people.

Can you fly indoors? 

Yes, but we need room to fly inside. We have conducted indoor flights in warehouses and studios, and for further safety, we can install propeller guards.

Because our drones use electric motors and batteries, there is no need to be concerned about environmental pollution. Flying inside has a distinct dynamic. The building’s design and materials can impact how the UAV flies.

Flying indoors is usually trouble-free, but safety is always our top concern. The only way to know for sure is to conduct a brief flight test.

Can JRNVisuals fly outside of the UK?

Yes we do.  However unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying rules and regulations vary from country to country.  Please ring us to discuss you requirements.

Can JRNVisuals fly at night?

Yes, we have a night rating from the CAA and all our pilots are trained to fly at night.  We are skilled in setting up the cameras to film at night.

Can I see what’s being filmed?

Yes – We stream the aerial drone footage in real time to the pilot’s remote controller which allows the client on the ground to see what the aerial camera is capturing.

This lets us to adjust the camera pan, tilt, framing and drone flight path as we fly to get the best shots.

Do you hire your drones to third parties?

No – We only hire our drones along with our own skilled and qualified pilot.

Each of our UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) are registered with the CAA and each pilot needs to be certified and licensed by the CAA.

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