Case Study: Hereford Marches Federation of Academies

Case Study: Hereford Marches Federation of Academies

During the summer of 2021, the Hereford Marches Federation of Academies (HMFA) approached JRNVisuals with the requirements of school prospectus photography for 7 schools located across the county of Herefordshire. The brief was to produce high quality ground and aerial photography for use online, digital marketing platforms and print media.


JRNVisuals worked closely with HMFA to ensure that time frames were adhered to, and schedules kept, both JRNVisuals’ schedule and more importantly, the client’s. HMFA specified the timetable for the shoot and JRNVisuals ensured that they were on-site and ready to shoot prior to the requested time. Before leaving site HMFA was shown all images captured and was given the opportunity to request and re-shoots they may have required, this is just one aspect of JRNVisuals’ on-going quality assurance programme.

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